Banquet & Function Management (EventPlanner)

Do it Once – Do it Right

The POSeReserve program, coupled with the EventPlanner module allows your establishment to create full function sheets to be used by your staff as well as creating full contracts for your guests – all in one place! Record all the details for a function, including menus, seating plans and pricing sheets with ease. The function flows to your site’s reservations – all seamlessly integrated. The EventPlanner module integrates with the POSeReserve system, as well as being able to import your restaurant’s POSitouch menu items. Simple, easily recognized icons notify host staff of events in the POSeReserve system, ensuring all users are up to date on events for the day.

Ease of Use – Effective Communication

With drag and drop capability for creating menus, the ability to enter notes about special instructions, POSeReserve coupled with the EventPlanner module ensures your guest’s special event will be a success. Provide the kitchen staff with required Chef’s reports for the menu, while front of the house staff has all the information about setting up a Private Dining Room, or custom floor plans for the event. All the details you need to succeed are provided with ease and in one place. Access the EventPlanner module from any internet enabled computer – at no additional cost.

View Your Business – A Month at a Time…

In addition to a standard suite of reports and contracts, the EventPlanner module includes a Calendar view. With the calendar view, users can easily see leads that are in need of follow up, parties that have confirmed their event, as well as, creating to-do lists for events. Everything an Event Planner needs is in one location, connected to the reservation system within POSeReserve.

The EventPlanner module may be used in conjunction with the POSeReserve system or as a standalone module, depending on your site’s needs.

Multi-unit operators will benefit from being able to view multiple locations on a single calendar.

Standard suite of  reports include:

  • In House Function Sheet
  • Guest Contract Form
  • Floor Plan
  • Payment Agreement

Never Miss a Lead

The EventPlanner module includes the ability to add a widget to your website. Here, visitors can request information about booking events at your restaurant. For multi-site operators, any number of your sites can be listed. Once a guest completes some basic information, including date, time and number of guests, an email is sent to the designated Event Planner. Always be in contact with the EventPlanner’s party widget!

Try it out yourself by clicking through our widget here…Choose the GROUP DINING tab to view the lead generation view.