Credit Cards, Gift Cards and Loyalty Cards

Integrated Card Authorization from within the POSitouch solution

The POSitouch solution embraces integrated functionality for all aspects of POS operation. This offers you better value and ease of use along with integrated information flow. POSitouch offers integrated Credit Card Authorization using your preferred processor. POSitouch integrates with a broad range of card processors, including credit card, gift card and loyalty card processors.

Using the POS touch screen terminal as your credit card, gift card and loyalty card authorization station removes any “bottlenecks” which may occur at stand-alone credit machines. The POS ties the credit card information to the exact guest check, which streamlines the management process and cash accountability and virtually eliminates tendering mistakes.

Save both time and money with POSitouch’s offering of both hardware/software and software only methods of integrating credit card processing into the system. In addition, we offer split dial and direct deposit functionality.

EMV, Point to Point Encryption, Mobile Payments and Pay At Table

POSitouch offers solutions that support the growing trend towards the use of EMV cards, Point to Point Encryption for maximum cardholder security and Pay at Table to allow customers to complete card based payment functions at the table.

The POSitouch system integrates with multiple mobile payment solutions, allowing your guests to complete payments via their cell phone or mobile device. Speed of service has never been quicker!

The POSitouch system integrates with most mobile payment solutions and loyalty solutions.