Learn why so many delivery operations have chosen POSitouch as their total solution.

POSitouch “delivers” a turnkey solution to the Delivery industry. The functionality needed for a delivery system is also an integrated part of both the Table Service and Quick Service products for those clients that have environments needing delivery as part of their overall solution.

Market specific functionality:

  • Color touch screen application allows for easier training and menu flow.
  • Intuitive screen design provides faster speed of service and throughput.
    • Streamlined access to customer data base – know who your customers are.
    • Caller ID.
    • Ability to have multiple accounts, for the same delivery address.
    • Order History – view your guests past orders.
    • Re-order from order history. Easily reorder items from a guest’s past orders!
    • User defined data base for storage of “special notes,” birthdays, and anniversaries, etc.
    • Advanced orders – have the system automatically fire an order in the future.
    • Pre-populate your customer data base through industry phone book data bases.
    • Complete integration to Video Display units or printers.
    • Expeditor mode for timely order completion.
  • Driver dispatch and cash accountability.
  • Delivery zone customization.
  • Order timing – know who has what order and for how long.

Other features from the Table Service and Quick Service functionality:

  • Combined server and cashier banking.
  • Automatic menu changing based on time of day, day of week, and/or by terminal station.
  • Optional split screen or separate display for expediting/packing.
  • Product projections for preparation.
  • Banks and Skims for cash accountability.
  • Complete order routing and duplications for various prep areas.

Integrated modules complete the total solution:

  • Reporting module offers a host of standard reporting as well as the ability to feed data to industry standard third party packages.
  • Inventory control manages food costs, contribution to margin and overall profitability of items sold.
  • Credit Card Authorization provides an all in one solution for the POS data and credit authorization.
  • Labor management offers time and attendance for payroll as well as scheduling.