Cloud Solutions

The primary responsibility of a restaurant POS system is to provide reliable tools that support operations during business hours. To that end, the primary locus of the POS functions must be in the store. Placing orders, printing them in the kitchen or displaying them on a VDU, taking payment must all function perfectly 100% of the time. POSitouch uses a small footprint Thin Client architecture for the POS system in the store that can operate fully with or without an Internet or WAN connection to the outside world.

The backoffice applications that surround the POS, reporting, time and attendance, labor scheduling, inventory control, data warehousing, reservations, all are ideal candidates for Cloud Computing. POSitouch facilitates systems with a field hardened POS coupled to a small or zero footprint backoffice whose functions all exist above store or in the cloud.

QuickMenu Enterprise

  • Allows users to maintain menus by concept and region with individual store variances.
  • Each site may vary from the master database with relation to:
    • Pricing
    • Taxation
    • Kitchen configuration
    • Items that are offered (coupons, wines, beers…)

Enterprise Solutions

POSitouch offers not only strong store level solutions, but also world class enterprise offerings that are tightly integrated with the store solution.

The key components of an Enterprise Solution are:

Configuration Management – The POS databases for all stores can be managed centrally to reflect differences in products, menus, prices, tax rates, hardware configurations etc.

Data Migration – Sales, labor and inventory data from the store can be extracted automatically and migrated up through the tiers of the enterprise.
Data Warehousing – Data from the stores can be easily incorporated into any database or data warehousing solution at any tier of the enterprise.

The POSitouch Enterprise solution is scalable to handle any chain environment. Some clients are corporate entities that need a headquarters-to-store solution. Others are franchisee based needing headquarters-to-corporate store as well as headquarters-to-franchisee and franchisee-to-store solutions. Any enterprise architecture can be accommodated.

Configuration management is done differently by every chain. Some clients have common databases across their entire enterprise, while others have regionally based needs and others yet have different databases at each location. Some allow for a mixture of centrally controlled information along with local variations that store level employees can effect, while others completely restrict all local access to the database. POSitouch provides control down to the individual data field level to allow maximum flexibility.

With these powerful tools, POSitouch enables multi-unit operators to manage and control their many sites, locally or around the world, from any location. It facilitates new product launches by electronically distributing new menu items or prices. It also allows for rapid analysis of data to know how products are moving chain-wide and which ones are profitable.

POSitouch supports both push and pull strategies for data movement. The system offers solutions using traditional polling methods as well as utilizing the Internet for polling and data extraction.

The data stream that is uploaded from the store location can be customized to be a combination of aggregated information and raw transactional data. This data can either feed existing corporate systems or can be consolidated by other means for marketing and reporting needs.