Gift Cards & Loyalty

With POSeLoyalty and POSeCard, you’ll compel more visits than ever and ensure YOUR restaurant is top of mind!

The POSeLoyalty and POSeCard solutions offer powerful and cost effective solutions for both small and large operators, wishing to offer guests a gift card or loyalty program. The POSeLoyalty and POSeCard solutions can be implemented separately or as a package and offer online, cloud based reporting for both products. 

POSitouch integrates with other gift card and loyalty programs, as well as our own POSeLoyalty and POSeCard programs. 


  • Choose your customized loyalty program
  • Entice customers with product or dollar rewards
  • Go cardless and attract guests with Text-to-Join
  • Search for guests at the POS by phone number
  • Drive traffic with automated email receipts


  • Turnkey gift card program
  • Easy for your staff
  • Quick reports to track liability
  • Fraud protection devices

Combine with loyalty for an “all-in-one” card solution