Take control of your Food Cost


Why utilize guesswork or instinct to manage your inventory and purchasing? POSitouch can eliminate the guesswork and replace it with facts about product movement and cost of goods. The inventory module of POSitouch enables management to track and control the raw materials that come into the restaurant, helping you serve up profits with each guest.

Recipes can be created for all menu items, allowing for tracking all ingredient usage. Recipe explosion manages both the purchase side and the usage side of the equation. By comparing physical inventory (beginning, ending and purchases) to the POS usage, you know immediately what your variances are. Enabling immediate management attention through timely information for corrective action, can save you thousands of dollars.

POSitouch also offers automatic purchase order generation based upon par levels and minimum order quantities. This allows the system to generate a purchase order or for the user to manually create an order. Purchase order generation also streamlines the receiving of shipments. Now with the click of a button either receive the entire order or easily track items that were backordered. Automation makes this process quick and easy.

Special Capabilities:

  • A wireless handheld can be used to take inventory in a one-step process.
  • Invoices can be scanned when entered for archival storage.
  • Purchase Orders can be uploaded to suppliers.
  • Electronic invoices can be accepted.