Open Systems

POSitouch sets the standard for Open Systems!

Truly open systems integrate your choice of hardware platform, operating system, and third party applications (polling, etc.) with the POS solution. POSitouch offers all of this and more.

Your Data, Your Way

Data migrates to and from POSitouch in real time and in industry standard formats such as XML. Data is easily and automatically exported to, and imported from, your other databases and reporting mechanisms.


Freedom to Choose

POSitouch has a unique ability to work with multiple platforms from an operating system standpoint. The application is completely Windows based and supports all Windows Operating Systems for both the Point of Sale and Back Office. POSitouch also supports Windows CE and Android for the POS on both fixed position touch screens and wireless handheld devices and tablets.

So when it comes to choice, you the customer, decide what works best in your specific environment. By allowing you to choose, complete integration of every aspect of your business with POSitouch is attainable. This approach also insures compatibility with future releases of Microsoft products.

From a hardware standpoint, POSitouch has long embraced the open systems approach. POSitouch utilizes the latest in offerings from recognized leaders in the hardware industry. This approach allows the customer to pick and choose components such as touch screens, printers, cash drawers and computers. It also protects the investment as the software is always operating on the latest technologies from the computer industry. These choices do not have to be system-wide decisions. They can be workstation by workstation if desired.

See for yourself

  • Choice of operating system
  • Choice of hardware platform
  • PC make and model
  • Touch screens
  • Printers
  • Peripherals
  • Choice of networking
  • Ability to utilize third party applications
  • Wireless handheld terminals
  • Biometrics


With technology changing at an ever increasing rate, open system solutions are the smart choice for the food service industry. The need to protect one’s investment in software and to insure its compatibility with advancements in hardware is what drives a decision maker to demand an open solution. RDC has long believed in providing flexible long-term solutions for its customers. In fact, that was the sole reason behind the birth of the POSitouch product many years ago. POSitouch has always run on open, industry standard hardware to protect the investment made by our customers.

The Point of Sale software utilizes touch screen technology, supporting hardware products from companies you would readily recognize as industry leaders.

  • Capacitive, Infra-red and Resistive touch technology
  • LCD or CRT based
  • Fixed position or Mobile
  • Industry standard resolutions and screen sizes
  • Thermal, impact or slip printers
  • Single and dual Cash Drawers per terminal
  • One, two and three track Magnetic Card Readers
  • Integrated and distributed Customer Displays
  • Coin Change Dispensers
  • Scales for products by weight
  • Bar Code Scanners
  • Drive Thru order confirmation boards
  • Kitchen Video Displays with Bump Bars or touch screen technology
  • Hand Helds
  • Integrated pagers