Managing a store’s productivity in real time has never been easier

Log In

Securely Log in to accounts through a desktop PC or mobile device. The secure login screen allows for setting different access privileges for each individual user. Users can be configured to view a single site or multiple stores, depending on their area of responsibility.

Anywhere access to your store’s vital statistics

The POSitouch Cloud system allows users to access data from any mobile device or from a desktop PC. Users can choose to view your data in mobile or desktop mode on any device. When using the desktop mode view, users can view multiple sites, side-by-side for a complete view of the enterprise’s performance.

Mobile Reporting

A variety of reports are available via a mobile device, including:

  • Daily Sales Statistics – View reports by location and date on your mobile device with drill-down capability.
  • Hourly Sales – View reports by location with drill down capability. Optional views include
      • Sales Dollars / Cumulative Sales by hour
      • Checks / Cumulative checks by hour
      • Guest counts by hour / Cumulative by hour counts
      • Covers per hour / Cumulative by hour counts
  • Hourly Labor – View reports by location, with drill down capability. Optional views include
      • Sales dollars
      • Labor dollars
      • Hours worked
      • Sales divided by labor dollars
      • Sales divided by labor hours
      • Labor as a percentage of sales
      • Average hourly rate
  • Time Report – View individual punch records by employee, including In and Out times.

Sample Mobile Reports

Sales Statistics

Sales Staistics

Hourly Sales

Hourly Sales

Hourly Labor

Hourly Labor

Desktop Reporting

Selecting multiple locations from available sites, allows users to view side-by-side comparisons of sites. Reports are updated every 10 minutes. Reports for each location can be viewed as PDF documents from the icon on screen.

Sample Desktop Reports

Daily Sales Statistics

The Daily Sales Statistics includes drill down capabilities for sales and labor, as well as additional information for quick analysis.

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PDF Reporting

Choosing the PDF icon when viewing a site allows users to view data in the same report format as the sites see in the backoffice. Users may also print the reports.

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Hourly Sales Report

Review one or more sites and their hourly sales side-by-side. The report allows a summary view for the Entire House and Cost Centers with hour-by-hour drill down views.

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Hourly Labor Report

Drill down capability allows management to drill down into individual departments and select from a variety of metrics.

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Time Report

The Time Report allows management to drill down to specific employees and the hours worked for a given day.

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Mobile Exceptions

Exception conditions such as overtime, break violations, minors, too much cash in drawer can be emailed or texted in real time to managers, owners and headquarters.

Exceptions can be reviewed later on mobile or desktop devices by store, date and exception type.


Exceptions can be reviewed for all sites, or particular problem sites. Drill down capability allows managers to view the individual exception and its cause.

Exceptions Setup

  • Easily choose the exceptions to notify users about
  • Drag-and-drop users to be notified of Exceptions