The POSitouch backoffice provides approximately 50 standard reports that cover sales, labor and inventory control.

Report Categories Include:

  • Custom Report Generation and Tasks
  • Sales Reports – Know when and what was sold, including server productivity reports
  • Efficiency Reporting – Know the top sales people and the efficiency of the kitchen with easy to read reports and custom filtering
  • Auditing Reports – See your discounts, comps and coupons for a day, week or arbitrary period
  • Time & Attendance – All your payroll related information, plus sales related statistics

Each report has multiple options including:

  • Reporting period
  • Sorting
  • Filtering for specific data

The reporting framework has the following facilities:

  • Reports can be Previewed, Printed, Exported to various formats and Emailed
  • Frequently used reports can be preconfigured and named (i.e. Weekly Sales for Last Week) and added to My Reports. These reports can then be generated with a single click.
  • Reports can also be tied in to the Workflow Wizard
  • Click to view some sample reports:
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The Workflow Wizard

The Workflow Wizard is a tool that allows a store to create two types of workflow processes:

  • A series of steps that an employee must go through such as Start of Day or End of Day or Weekly Payroll. The Workflow Wizard walks the employee through the steps and can enforce that one step be completed before another is started. The steps can be processes such as entering counts or editing time reports and the steps can be the generation of reports.
  • A batch of reports and other functions that do not require a person (printing worksheets). These workflows can be scheduled to occur at predetermined times.

Creating lists of tasks to be completed.

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Create automated batches to produce reports based on day and time.

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