Table Management & Reservations

POSeReserve takes your POSitouch system’s Table Status to a whole new level. The POSeReserve module integrates online reservations, in-store reservations, wait lists, function planning and table management with the POSitouch system. Additionally, POSeReserve offers sites mobility solutions. POSeReserve integrates full guest and dining room management into the POSitouch system.

From any terminal, a single button allows users to choose different views of their establishment and access to:

  • Table Status of all tables including
    • Easily understandable icons showing the tables’ current statuses
    • Parties celebrating special occasions
    • Pre-assigned seating
  • Reservations and Wait List Parties
  • Combination of Table Status with the Reservation and Wait List parties
  • All views include current guest and table counts by server
  • Access to the event planner

Many of the key features in the POSeReserve module are designed to help your establishment in guest management and satisfaction. Some of the main benefits of the POSeReserve system are:

  • Direct integration with the POSitouch POS system
  • Improving table turn times
  • Reducing wait time for guests
  • Reducing cost of ownership for pager systems
  • Collect important customer data such as email addresses and cell phone numbers to build a rich, marketable database
  • Deliver a higher standard of customer service with improved customer recognition and personalization
  • Improve seating efficiency and server rotation
  • Know more about each guest’s dining habits by sharing customer dining profiles across locations
  • Improving front of house communication and easier, more convenient access to all guest and catering information

The POSeReserve Module encompasses six main functions

Table Management and Reservations: Features

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Table Management

  • Pre-assign Tables
  • Track Server Guest Counts/Rotation
  • Server Section assignments
  • VIP Guest Text Notification and Email to Manager(s), Owners and other stake holders
  • Move Tables on the Fly
  • Reservation Info Chit
  • Ability to Design Multiple Dining Rooms
  • Dynamic Table Turn Assignments & Inventory Control
  • Automatic Table Linking and Grouping
  • Display Guest Photo
  • View multiple guests at a table from Facebook Invites
  • Guest Name on Table
  • Automatic “Thank You” Emails with Invitation for Guest Review
  • View Full Banquet Event Order on Screen
  • Create multiple room plans

Reservation & Wait List Management

  • Operate from Multiple Locations
  • Text Message Paging Capability
  • Social Media Reservation Widget
  • Reservation Portal Listing
  • Automatic Email Confirmation
  • Automatic Email Reservation Reminder
  • Contact Directory
  • Advanced Searching
  • Reservation & Historical Activity Reports

Cost Savings

  • Easily plan and communicate seating plans equals faster table turns
  • One low cost monthly fee means no increased costs as the
    number of reservations increase
  • Keep your guests on your site when making a reservation – promote your brand; not someone else’s
  • Text message paging reduces pager related costs

Online Reservations & Social Media

  • Install Widget on Multiple Web Pages.
    • Direct guests to your website!
  • Unlimited Free Online Reservations
  • Create Dynamic Promotions
  • Track Marketing Campaigns
  • Guests Create own Personal Dining Profile
  • Generate Private Dining Leads
  • Personal Dining Profile on Facebook
  • Send Facebook Invites
  • Add to Facebook Timeline
  • Post to Wall
  • Post to Twitter
  • Live News Feed


  • Management Text Messaging
  • Sticky Notes
  • Daily Diary
  • Mobility App For Wait List Management


Function/ Banquet/ Group Dining Management (Optional Module)

  • Quickly Create Full Event Packages for In-House Staff and Guests
  • View A la Carte’ Reservations
  • Email Event Packet to Guests
  • Manage Banquets at Multiple Locations