Table Service

Learn why so many table service operators have turned to POSitouch

POSitouch has provided technologically advanced solutions to the table service industry for over a decade. The client base ranges from national chains to independent operators and all have come to utilize the product as an invaluable tool for managing their businesses.

The vast functionality provides tremendous flexibility in creating “custom” fit solutions. Years of customer input and feature development provide many options in terms of how the system can assist in operating a restaurant.


POSitouch has a broader and deeper feature set than other POS systems

  • Server or cashier banking or a combination of both.
  • Extensive support for Team service
  • Separate checks at any time in the order cycle by touching items and dropping them onto their own checks.
  • Extensive coupon functions. Eligibility rules remove the guesswork.
  • Send items (Beverages, Appetizers) to be prepared while remaining in the order process.
  • Match Beverages with Cover counts.
  • Track voids and deletes to know how many occur and the associated dollar amounts
  • Start an order by touching a table on a floor plan or by entering table number.
  • Configure the layout of your touch screens. Choose the size and color of the “buttons.”
  • Menus and prices can change by workstation, day of week and time of day.
  • Bar terminals can be configured for various operational modes, including super fast bar for “cash and carry” operations.
  • Bar tab capabilities include assigning names and pre-authorizations for credit cards.
  • “Happy Hour” pricing and menu changes occur automatically.
  • Interface to video security systems to record items ordered with video.
  • Automatic printer redirection.
  • Choice of “like item” consolidation in kitchens and bars.
  • Order routing for items to appear at appropriate prep station.
  • Expediter printer or video monitor display.
  • Ability to change routing schemes during the day from any touch screen.

Integrated Modules – Bringing the Puzzle Together !

POSitouch also offers many integrated modules.

  • Dining Room Management module allows you to design a restaurant layout and immediately know the status of your various tabletops at the touch of a screen. Effectively managing your table turns by having timely information will translate into more covers and higher guest satisfaction.
  • Reporting module offers a host of standard reporting as well as the ability to feed industry standard third party packages. Included is an extensive electronic journal for queries and reproduction of checks.
  • Inventory control offers the ability to manage food cost contribution to margin and overall profitability of items sold. Manage suppliers, generate purchase orders, receive purchases, record transfers in and out from this module.
  • Credit Card Authorization provides an all in one solution for the POS data and credit authorization. Interfaces to dozens of gift card and loyalty programs are available.
  • Labor Management offers the ability to control labor cost. Labor scheduling can make use of forecasts based on sales history.
  • Customer Data Base can be utilized for house charges, customer profiling and frequent dining programs.

With all this and so much more, you can see why so many table service operators have turned to POSitouch as their solution.