Time & Attendance

Tools to help manage and control employee costs

When managing any business today, one key area of cost control that impacts on profitability is labor. With a tight labor market driving costs up and the transient nature of the employee base, it is imperative that proper tools are available to manage this substantial business expense.

POSitouch has fully incorporated some of the most advanced time and attendance features along with sophisticated labor scheduling into its point of sale application. Not only can you track time and attendance, build and enforce schedules based on forecasts, generate payroll reports, validate employee clock in/out, manage new hires, transfers and terminations, you can do them all in real time with seamless back office integration.

Interfaced solutions that pass information from one module to another are okay; real time data management of sales and labor information is better. Take advantage of the opportunity to have your labor controls integrated with the Point of Sale. Set labor rules that tie together your sales forecast, the schedule and access to the system. Know not only what your sales are for any period, but more importantly what it is costing you at this moment in labor to produce those sales. That is useful and timely management information!

POSitouch offers three types of scheduling to complement our time and attendance system. One is budget based. This scheduler is based on labor cost dollar or percentage targets. When scheduling in this manner, exact labor percentages are easily seen when creating new schedules. The second is a forecast based scheduler that utilizes historical data and staffing guides to provide targets for scheduling. Scheduling can be based on various units of measure such as sales, customers or covers. The scheduler is graphical using drag and drop and other techniques to make the process a snap. The third approach uses templates. The restaurant can create templates of work periods based on different sales volumes or conditions. Fill the work periods with people and you have a schedule. Snap the schedule for a new template and labor cost snap to what it should be.

POSitouch is also interfaced with multiple web-based scheduling systems to allow managers to build schedules from home and to allow employees to access their schedules, swap shifts, enter availability, online.

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